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Petitions are a great way for drawing attention to issues. When it comes to petitions, my priority one issue over the next while is to work with the MLA for Burrows Cindy Lamoureux (daughter) on advocating for a national Pharmacare plan. If you are interested in either signing this particular petition or would like to help by getting signatures please email me at
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Not all the topics below have a video link on the issue but in time they all will, for now the Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.17.40 AM indicates there is a video on the issue.

Canada's Middle Class
Supporting Canada's middle class and those working hard to join it has been a priority for me and the Government of Canada since day one. In short we have increased taxes on Canada's wealthy 1% while cutting taxes on the middle class. At the same time we dramatically increased the "CCB" and the "GIS" which means in total we have seen billions of dollars being shifted from the wealthiest to those who really prosper our economy through spending.

Canada Child Benefit Program
Every month millions of dollars from Ottawa is transferred indirectly to the children of Winnipeg North. That helps our families have more and those that need it most get the most.

Supporting our Seniors
We reduced the age of retirement from 67 to 65. We also dramatically increased the Guaranteed Income Supplement and by doing that we raised thousands of seniors out of poverty many of which call Winnipeg's North End home. Finally the Government was able to negotiate with the province and territories an increase in Canada Pension Plan contributions which means that when people do retire their CPP will payout more.

Crime and Safety
Working to promote our streets and communities to be a safer place to live is important as we all have a right to feel safe to be in our communities. If you have ideas concerns related to your community please contact my office and set up an appointment with me. I believe in community policing and community empowerment.

Health care
I am a big fan of the Canada Health Act and I do believe there is room to improve it by considering things like pharmacare and financial accountability. Our healthcare system is a part of our Canadian identity and I will always advocate for it.

It is very important that Canada continue to strive on the issue of good sound immigration practices and.

Investing in Canada Infrastructure
We are investing record high amounts of dollars in Canada's infrastructure program. By doing this Canada will be in a better place to grow our economy into the future.

Summer Student Jobs
Every year through this program many youth in Winnipeg North are provided the opportunity to have a summer job.

Education and training