Three very special events that allow me to say thank you and proved accountability.

Every January I host a perogy lunch. Along with the lunch
I provide a report and there will also be some entertainment.
Please note that you must register in advance because there is
limited seating.

For 25 years I have been hosting a Canada Day celebration
behind Tyndall Park School. The Fireworks go off at 10:35pm
and the day begins with sports as early as 8:00am
with the music, entertainment, games, dancing and more starting at 6:00pm.
Pizza arrives just before 7:00pm. Any questions call 204.984.1765.

My daughter Cindy (MLA for Burrows) co-hosts with me.
Celebrating Canada’s Diversity every fall at the Maples Community Centre
With snack foods like pandit and samosa, I host this event as a way to recognize
our heritage and diversity. The event itself starts at 2:00pm and lasts for about
two hours. Along with my comments there will also be entertainment.
The event will also recognize Diwali.